Let's go!

Today is the first “real” day of the year here in Sweden. A lot of public holidays and weekends is to an end and to be frankly it’s quite nice. Now it is back to normal with all people in the office and no more half days.

I good old Marcus-style the first week is quite hectic also with engagements all days of the week, save Friday. Most of them (all when i think of it) will be fun and good to do.

So - i hope that you also will have a good start on the new year!

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Scrum - my first encounter

I am just reading a great article which talks about how to use Scrum in a real project situation. It’s an really interesting and fun article.

However I am not yet convinced - it seems to be a lot of “that is not so important”, “approximately” and “document if you think that you need it”. I still miss the use case, the technical specifications and the system architecture. Maybe if i read to the end i will be converted.

With that said; the methodology contains some very interesting concepts and ideas, and i will most certainly incorporate elements already now.

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Happy new year

Soooo… here we are at the end of 2006 - one of the best years ever for my part:

  • I got married to Elin - the best thing ever.
  • Some really fun stuff to do at work (speaking at two conferences and some other presentations as highlights)
  • Really cool trips - Borneo and Malaysia, Norway and some very nice places in Sweden
  • Great euphonium-playing experiences: soloeuphonium with Gothenburg Brass Band during the spring, playing Music of the Spheres, playing euphonium with the Vasa Band who are really great guys and a good band
  • A lot of new friends and relatives
  • Starting this blog - had to put it in here of course :) I can only hope for 2007 to be half this good and...
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Credentials passing in SOA-solutions for .NET

So finally i got the opportunity to write some about a finding that has solved a major problem at my customer. A big thank you to Fredrik A and Micke for the help on this solution.

The problem is a probably a common one; we have some external web applications (that is: reachable from the Internet) that uses some functionality from internal web service. These internal web service in turn calls a database. The problem probably arise in many SOA solutions since credentials will flow from server to server.

Since the users of the external applications may be anonymous or logged into a portal we can’t send the user credentials all the way to the database.

So we thought that making the calls, to the internal web services, under system account would solve the problem. But then the double hop problem kicked in and the credentials will “disappear” when...

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Marcus like Loke

Just got hold of an recording of Loke Nyberg - a Swedish singer. This is really, really good - a new look on the “visa”-genre.

Here is his website http://www.lokeloke.se/. If you get a possibility to get hold of a recording - go ahead. I guarantee some great moments. If you speak Swedish.

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Merry ... continuation

Back from a relative short holiday-season i am almost alone in the office. Today will be spent in Word, fleshing out the solution from the day before Christmas. It will actually be quite fun (?) even though You can’t say that as a hacker.

Here is a nice little game for the season: http://www.linerider.com/

And here are some people with to much free time on their hands. But try the game first so You know what kind of effort has been done.

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