Marcus like Loke

Marcus like Loke

Just got hold of an recording of Loke Nyberg - a Swedish singer. This is really, really good - a new look on the “visa”-genre.

Here is his website If you get a possibility to get hold of a recording - go ahead. I guarantee some great moments. If you speak Swedish.

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Merry ... continuation

Back from a relative short holiday-season i am almost alone in the office. Today will be spent in Word, fleshing out the solution from the day before Christmas. It will actually be quite fun (?) even though You can’t say that as a hacker.

Here is a nice little game for the season:

And here are some people with to much free time on their hands. But try the game first so You know what kind of effort has been done.

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Pictures from caroling in Old Town

Here are a picture from the caroling in the Old Town of Stockholm, which i’ve mentioned. It was quite dark but that how it is in Sweden these days, and yes - we don’t have any snow. To much work with the shovel so we just removed it once for all :) We’re all “dreaming of a green Christmas, just like the ones from 2006”

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Caroling done for this year, almost

Yesterday we did the last Caroling-gig (you know; the Salvation Army playing with a pot for coin collection, as seen in many films) for this year with the Vasa Band. And that was something special i can tell you:

Apparently this has been going on for a while now but the Old Town in Stockholm is organising a advent-calender in the famous buildings around the Old Town. So for example door 13 was in the castle and the King and Queen went to do their little thing (mostly waving of hands). Yesterday we took part in the opening of door 19 and there were about 200 people there to see us. I was very surprised, but happily surprised.

The last Caroling for my part will be on Christmas eve when a traditional gig will take place in Södertälje with the Salvation Army there. Will be very nice to see all...

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Free courses from Microsoft

This is not to often but these courses are in fact totally free of charge AND a good introduction. I have taken them and had great use of them:

By the way - here’s a good site for us who want to check in on .NET 3.0 -

And finally - a real good presentation by my housegood Juwal Löwy:

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Hospital caroling

When I wrote the list over weird things to do this weekend i forgot the most heartwarming thing; yesterday i went to the St Görans Hospital with Elin and a friend. Elins father works there as a hospital priest. We went around about 5 floors and sung carols and some euphoniumplaying sneaked it’s way in there too :)

It was very rewarding although not too many people had the strength to come out - which you can understand. But I could almost feel their appreciation out the place where we stood.

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First Santa - completed!

Yesterday did my first Santa-performance!

Since it was on party for Elins workplace and didn’t know anyone I was a bit nervous. Also they are nurses on a “urology”-department i was a bit nervous to read the rhymes on their present. :) And I was right - some of the rhymes had to do with the parts of the body that they work with. Nothing to bad though…

To the right is not a mugshot of someone robbing a bank, but rather me in the Santa outfit.

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