YBS-era to an end?

Well, this is probably no news to people reading 4BarsRest, but one of the most successful bands in later years (ever?) is being dis-assembled as we speak (?).

Since Sunday all of the key players and the conductor has left the band in a single file:

  • David King - conductor and primus motor for the band since 13 years
  • Sheona White - solo horn
  • Steven Walsh - solo euphonium, who by the way made the gutsiest move in the business by stepping up to take up the solo euphonium chair after Morgan Griffiths. Respect!
  • Stuart Linguard - principal cornet

I can’t imaging how the band has planned to cope with these problems but i hope they do! YBS stands for a quality above the rest and probably have improved...

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George doing the opposite

I got the Seinfeld-box from my sister in (a late) birthday present. There are some great moments in there; this is when George starts doing the opposite of everything he think is right … with wonderful results - everything starts to go right for him!!?

No worries though - in the next episode he is back like the loser we love.

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Glasses - first day

Got my new glasses yesterday… I am not sure that i have got used to them yet. A certain dizziness and some picking-up-stuff-problems has occurred. But the will probably go away after a while.

Glasses are not cheap! What (!) are they made of when they cost that much? Must be gold or titanium something.

Well i like them so far, i can read stuff with my right eye again. Also i think i will get used to my new look.

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Glasses - today

Today is the day! I will get my glasses. A bit scared but after blistering headache yesterday i hope that they will solve at least a part of that.

Also I have to stop to mock all my friends around me with glasses. Calling them old people may not be so good thinking since i am one also… Well, a new life is approaching

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Weekend with the Band

Just back from a wonderful weekend with the Gothenburg Brass Band. I had the wonderful opportunity to spend the entire weekend together with the band and it made me feel again as a part of this wonderful group.

We did three sold out concerts and a late night party, not counting the rehearsals and good times together. Although i was thorn apart by not playing in the band (did a few subs though; euphonium, baritone and percussion!) i immediately felt the warmth and spirit of the band.

The weekend also celebrated the 25=”blsp-spelling-error” onclick=”BLOG_clickHandler(this)”>th anniversary of the band and a lot of the celebrations was, with due right, directed to Bengt Eklund - the founder, director and inspiration for the band during all these years. By now everyone knows that Bengt is ill and it felt very good to be able to do such a good show and...

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Concert and take-off

We had the Vasa Christmas Concert last night. It was a great night with full hall (200 persons) and band, gospel choir and soloist in great form. All in all we had a wonderful time and really felt that the Christmas is on the way.

Today at 13,30 i am leaving for Gothenburg and the Lucia concerts there. It will also be good but in a completely different way. Those concert a much more professional in style and order. We’re also doing the concert three times which also is a bit special.

It will be fun though!

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Christmas concert

I will be presenter at a concert in Gothenburg this weekend. It’s the Gothenburg BrassBand Lucia-concert that is taking place this weekend each year.

I am really looking forward to this - part to meet the band again (so many friends) and part just because it’s fun. A bit scary though since i rather play and speak than just speak. The expectations seems to be raised when you only speak. If You stand up from the band and then say something people always thinks it nice but if you just come in as a presenter they seem to expect you to be good. But - I’ll run my old race and that’s it.

It will be great either way. Gothenburg - here I come.

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Busy times - our choice?

It’s a very busy time right now. The band is in the midst of our long list of December engagements. So fun and good it has been so far! Last night we played at the annual Lucia-coronation at Skansen. A bit cold but the band played well and we had great fun.

So this week contains a Christmas-festival at our corps and a gig in a Church… And then there are only two things left! Phew! But i like it.

Yesterday morning we had an Advent-service at our corps and the commissioner of Sweden Victor Poke spoke about the different parts of the time up to Christmas. Made my think about bringing some calmness into this the most busy of times. Why is that? Why not lower the ambitions a bit and enjoy a lovely time of the year? It will be my motto for this advent-times.

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Not trying on my own

After a few weeks of trying to keep the happiness in top all by myself i am stopping now; it seems as if that is not possible. And also as I wrote in another post I’ve got a resource who can help me and also has promised to be there for me always. That’s Jesus - so from now on I’ll spend more time praying and thanking him for taking care of me although i haven’t cared to much about him at all times…

A strange calm comes over me when i think about that - i can just rest in the knowledge that Jesus cares about me.

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