The Marine biologist

One of the Swedish TV-channels is reprising Seinfeld-episodes over and over again and is on the third (fourth?) lap round all the seasons now.

But there are still some great stuff in there. In this episode George pretends to be a marine biologist to impress a girl and of course get into trouble. This is the end of it. It so great.

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Glasses ordered

I ordered my glasses yesterday. They look something like the ones on the left. So you understand that i avoided the china man-look and went for the German terrorist instead.

Man - those things are expensive! My only hope now is that:

  1. They will make a difference. Headaches almost every other day now…
  2. I won’t drop them
  3. I won’t be so scared of dropping them that i need a string around my neck to keep track of them
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Just noticed that after the Dreidel-song there were some people exposing themselves before the camera on the top list.

The Dreidel-video was from another site called and after the video had run to the end a list of the most watched videos was shown. Apparently some of the top videos for people to watch were some other people taking their clothes off.

I have now removed the file. Sorry about that.

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VasaBand - on the roll

My band, the Vasa band of the Salvation Army, is really taking off right now.

We have had a year when we have lost a lot of bandsmen so right now we’re only about 17 in the band. However the feeling and fellowship in the band has always been great. And during the last few months we are also starting to play better and better.

To the spring we are reinforced with some more cornets - so (you know i like to look into the future) i predict that the spring will be great.

I just love to play in the band! It’s so fun and we have a great time - thank you guys!

If you are in the Stockholm, you’re more than welcome to our Christmas concert, 6 dec, 1900.

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It's that time of year

Well Christmas is closing in and then all sorts of greetings are sent back and forth on the Internet.

Here are a classic from christmas passed with some favorite mountain kids.

Just think… in a few years this will be a real classics that we will be telling small children about. And have a hard time explaining how the life was before Internet, why you had to wait for pages to “load” and why we didn’t project it on the retnoscan.

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Went to the optician last Friday. Some headache and problem with my eyes made me go. And … yes i need glasses when i work at the computer and reads.

Feels like an old man! My arms needs to be longer to be able to see good. Will now go through gruesome process of choosing my “looks”. I think I’ll go for either the Tintin Japanese or maybe “german terrorist”.

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Be good - expiriment week II

Last week i tried to stay happy through the week no matter the circumstances… Not sure it came of the way i hope. Not all days at least.

I learned so far that you can get pretty far by just keeping your spirits high. It can probably be a bit enjoying for your co-workers but it will get you in a better mood. Also - forcing yourself to be happy will take it’s toll somewhere and i was completely exhausted this Friday - not to good.

So this week i will do a combo - I’ll try to be happy and take assistance from a friend… that is: I’ll start each half day with a small prayer. This happen again and again. I always forget it. Here i have a great resource of power and i fail to remember to use it. But now i will remember.

“They will go...

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Weekend impressions

The silly season i wrote about is taking off! This weekend we had two very contrasting gigs with the VasaBand (Salvation Army).

First we played at a sale at the corps - one of those “could you play something nice but not too loud please”-gigs. It was good fun though and we had a great time in the band.

And yesterday we played in the Stockholm City Hall - close to 1500 people came. It would have been good if they all came for us … but this was the Salvation Army Christmas Concert and we were the “picturesque” Salvation Army-stuff in the concert. A lot of famous Swedish artists were there too. However the band played exceptionally well, i thought, and we probably raised a few eyebrows.

This week we have only two gigs - both on Sunday. And rehearsal of course. Looking forward to both.

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RockBox - cool stuff

Found a really cool MP3-thingy…

RockBox is a freeware “operating system” for a lot of different hard wares. I love my Iriver H320 and it just became even cooler with the new RockBox operating system.

RockBox contains a lot of nice features and utilities and i am looking forward to learning them all. My favorites so far is the metronome (in all its simplicity) and that you can download and play Doom on it!

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Happy all the day

Yesterday was a bit hard to keep the mood in top. Probably had to do with the late night the day before…

Anyhow - my band (VasaBand) did a music service yesterday in Hallunda Folkets Hus and it was very well received. Lots of people (200 persons) and a great atmosphere. I am really impressed with all the activities that was going on at that place.

The band played fairly well i thought. I recorded it all and may be able to put something up here for listening. Keep a lookout.

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