Genalogy boost

I started my family tree on yesterday and in just one day it boosted to around 80 people. Really fun and good to see.

I already have learned about family members that i didn’t knew i had.

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Tuba Circus - don't try this at home kids

OK - found this on a site and it just blew my mind!

I’ve actually heard that piece with Øystein Baadsvik before but it still amazing.

For all non-brass players - this is more or less impossible stuff. Imagine a footballer doing a tripple-salkov and kicking a basketball into the top corner of a goal from 200 meters - and you are close in how hard this is.

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The famous Noah and his camera

If you ever have six or more years over then this could be something to spend them on.

I am a bit disappointed on myself but I actually think that is quite cool. However did he manage to have the exact same expression in his face for all those days….

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Design patterns

Last week i was introduced to a lot of design patterns, and just realized their great potential. Especially cool now when you can find so many example implementations on the net. Also quite often you can find products and utilities that encapsulate the functionality, ready for you to use.

I will try to look into a pattern each week - just to warm up. If I find something that not is to embarrassing to admit that i didn’t know I’ll post some thoughts here…

Just found this as a starter:

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Week ended - nice weekend

The last week was really intense, work wise, with some stuff starting off at my primary customer and a review for another customer in the last two days.

It all ended happily, though, with a very nice weekend with, my now very enlarged, family. Magnus became a doctor a few weeks back and they had an graduation party. Which made us all go to congratulate him and also got us together on the special family-island Hyppeln, in the Gothenburg archipelago. The above is a picture from there, in the summer-time mind you well.

Very nice to meet all and to see the wildness of God’s nature during the winter. I could have looked at the waves for hours.

I might, saying might, have been a bit to happy to make a...

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Mobilephones forbidden on the subway in Stockholm

Just so that you know where you read it first…

Since the start of the year the company running the subway and buses in Stockholm, SL has banned mobile phones on the first and last wagon (of three!) in all subway trains. Note that it doesn’t mean “have your mobile on silent mode” but rather “don’t talk in your mobile at all”.

This is so stupid! What is next - you can’t talk at all in wagon 1?

Extra funny is that =”blsp-spelling-error” onclick=”BLOG_clickHandler(this)”>SL really are plugging the mobile as a great way of communicating with them. A lot of efforts has been put in to set up sites and portals for mobiles. Very nice then that you can’t use it on the trains and buses…

I bet that we will laugh at this in a year or so. So - as i said at the top: here is...

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Lots of things to do

So, why do i always think that “it will be lesser to do this semester” - when i know…

This week contains a lot of different stuff to do, most fun but they are really packing up. It’s something “extra” on the agenda each day of this week. But compared to the opposite (nothing to do) i would choose this every time, twice on Sundays :).

So I’ll try to report here whats going on.

Last week ended in a good way at work, anyway, since we cheat-started (that what was needed) our new architecture in a small part of the system. Felt really good since we have been waiting for that part to start for about a year now. I hate waiting.

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Surfs up

I am not a surfer by now means but this looks amazing. If someone could guarantee me not being fish food after the surf i wouldn’t mind trying it on.

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