Eikanger concert on radio

A week, or so, ago the Eikanger-Bjørsvik Musikklag (http://www.ebml.no) went to Britain to take part of the RNCM Festival of Brass together with the top bands of Britain.

This is the top band in the world as far as I am concerned and they got some marvelous reviews, see http://www.4barsrest.com/reviews/concerts/con381.asp. Also I have heard that Elgar Howarth went on stage and told the band “Now I can die, this was the best concert I ever attended!”…

So if you want to hear it find it here on Wednesday and (hopefully) for a while afterwards also http://www.bbc.co.uk/pressoffice/proginfo/radio/wk6/wed.shtml

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Hendon band

I went to a short concert last afternoon with the Hendon band. This is one of the biggest bands in the Salvation and maybe elsewhere. So I had prepared for a real “earcleaner” but to my big surprise they managed to play very controlled and balanced.

Strong, yes for sure, but also very soft where needed. Great to hear. Cornet-soloists was amazing and the tuba section was so nice to hear. A soft, dark sound with much richness and really led the band.

So - if you ever have the possibility to hear this band, don’t get scared by the size. There are some very good quality sounds to be heard from the band.

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Mecka for brass bandits

Found an article about the most famous band room in the brass band movement. You’ll find it here http://4barsrest.com/articles/2006/art665.asp

The Black Dyke Band band room is a room filled with stories and famous tales (like the Bb-tuba player that used to warm up by playing tones so that the different photos would vibrate, cool!) that every banding person is interested in. For the rest of you … not as interesting i can assume.

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Genalogy boost

I started my family tree on Geni.com yesterday and in just one day it boosted to around 80 people. Really fun and good to see.

I already have learned about family members that I didn’t knew I had.

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Tuba Circus - don't try this at home kids

OK - found this on a site and it just blew my mind!

I’ve actually heard that piece with Øystein Baadsvik before but it still amazing.

For all non-brass players - this is more or less impossible stuff. Imagine a footballer doing a tripple-salkov and kicking a basketball into the top corner of a goal from 200 meters - and you are close in how hard this is.

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The famous Noah and his camera

If you ever have six or more years over then this could be something to spend them on.

I am a bit disappointed on myself but I actually think that is quite cool. However did he manage to have the exact same expression in his face for all those days….

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Design patterns

Last week I was introduced to a lot of design patterns, and just realized their great potential. Especially cool now when you can find so many example implementations on the net. Also quite often you can find products and utilities that encapsulate the functionality, ready for you to use.

I will try to look into a pattern each week - just to warm up. If I find something that not is to embarrassing to admit that I didn’t know I’ll post some thoughts here…

Just found this as a starter: http://www.dofactory.com/Patterns/Patterns.aspx

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