DDD – what’s the deal?

After doing DDD (on a very basic level) for sometime now, I now realize that I could benefit with some sort of sum up. Often when I reach this point I quickly realize that many people has tread this paths before and that I’m reinventing the wheel… Well, in that case I do it for me. I like my wheels or at least my way of understanding them…

So here is my take on what the deal with DDD is (i hope that it will change over time but here is how I see it today):

I think first that the whole idea of DDD can be divided into two aspects (actually Jocke pointed me in this way but i like it):

  • first code - a bunch of design patterns that help you produce great object-oriented, testable software
  • then the implications on the way you...
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S#arp Architecture

In a previous post I briefly referred to Sharp Architecture (what’s the thing with the funky spelling?).

I have now read a bit about it and I must push for it harder. It’s rock good! What an ambitious project!

The idea is to give you a boiler-plate architecture that contains best practices and useable functionality when doing DDD, TDD, ASP.NET MVC and NHibernate.

You know – the way you always feel when a project is done… “This is so good that it easily could be a framework, if only …” – These guys has done it for you.

It’s not done and still have a bit to go before but I really like it.

Check it out. Here are some introduction videos:

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Sprint Planner Helper – final

I have had some real problems to get going with the Sprint Planner Helper Project after the trip to Ethiopia. I am not sure why – but it made me think about the project, the scope and purpose.

First and foremost – I am not working, i am on parental leave. That means this is my spare time project and I promised myself that I would end it if I didn’t feel up to it for some reason. Since I have found it hard to restart I conclude that I have reached that point.

Secondly – the main reason and purpose of the project was to learn, not to produce a wonder-application (although that would have been nice :)). I think that I have learned quite a lot during this project and that I am at a junction right now. You cannot pursue at...

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Hard to get started, Salvation Army and brass banding

I have some real trouble get going with my normal flow after Ethiopia.

This week I will play and do the presentations at a concert with Solna Brass. And there has been a lot of stuff with the Salvation Army and the band.

I’ll try to get to it in the next week.

By the way, the Vasa Band got a good review of the CD Priority. In Brass Band World. Here is a picture of it:


The review was next to the review of A Breathless Alleluia of Black Dyke Band… Something to be compered to!

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Pictures from Ethopia

The last week has been really strange and “busy” since we are still recovering from some illness from Africa. Mostly Elin but it has taken its toll on Abbe and myself also.

I haven’t got time to update the blog in a long while. But here are some pictures from our trip.

A typical outing with our “followers”. It was like this almost everytime we went out. <img src=”http://lh5.ggpht.com/_TI0jeIedRFk/Sf6hivv0UcI/AAAAAAAAAEw/ShS6Hsvm9QA/DSC_0536_thumb%5B1%5D.jpg?imgmax=800” style=”border-top-width: 0px; border-left-width: 0px; border-bottom-width: 0px; border-right-width: 0px” data-border=”0” data-followers??=”followers??” width=”340” height=”232” alt=”A typical outing with our “ />

Elin and Abbe enjoying the African countryside in Wondo Genet.

Elin and Abbe enjoying the African countryside

A building site in Addis Abeba**. **A building site in Addis Abeba

The beatiful...

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Home again

We’re back home again from Ethiopia. The trip really was something extra. As I heard someone say: “Africa is more of everything - the worst as well as the best” - this trip has really taken it’s toll.

We have done some amazing experiences but also had some really hard times. One thing was that it was really hard to keep track of what Albert put into his mouth. There are so many things that you don’t even want to touch that he gladly put into his mouth. And he has also be sick during most of the trip, nothing too bad but still.

We have been on two great tours, one to the south (Wondo Genet) and one to the east (Ambo) of Addis Abbeba. The rest of the time was spent in Addis.

I will upload some (many?) photos as I get...

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Sprint Planner Helper - Vaccation halt

I am going to Ethiopia for two weeks and the project comes to a natural (and needed) halt during that period.

I had hoped that I would have got further than this but I must stay content with what I’ve got.

The visit to Ethopia will be something very different and exciting. Especially with Albert who right now is 14 months and have just started to walk…

Get back to you on the trip at www.marcusoft.net

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Sprint Planner Helper – Session 26

I have come to realize that I am not working… Not very flattering that I has taken me about 2,5 months to come to that conclusion but here I am.

So I will probably slow down the pace for this project. I have not done loads so far but I felt a bit pressured to “produce” and that not the kind of feeling I would like to have on my parental leave. So a bit slow – and still only when it’s fun!

OK – the thing today is to find aggregates and create repositories for the Sprint domain object.

When it’s comes to aggregates I still find them quite hard to grasp. The mainstream definition seems to be “things that must exists together” and the most common example is the Order-OrderLine relationship.

But for my Sprint I have a list of SprintItems each with a list of ActionItems. And...

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Debating a hero

Today I did something that I never dared before - I posted a comment on an article that I read in ComputerSweden</a>. Nothing scary there - but the article was written by one of the IT-heros of Sweden, Ivar Jacobsson. He invented RUP and has been a busy debater and writer.

His column was about Scrum and how it’s “coming apart” (my translation). You can read it here (in Swedish).

Here are my comment and Ivar’s promptly answer.

The last row was something extra: “Marcus, you’re welcome to write to me directly” :)

I can’t miss out on that opportunity, can I.

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