ASP.NET MVC – Running transformation error

**[UPDATED] **This is solved. See this.

I ran into this problem:

Template Processing resulted in 1 Errors: Error: Running Transformation

I appeared when I added an Edit-view for an inline view-data class. That is; I have created a special class to hold the view data that the controller is acting upon, and that class is declared inside the controller.

When the Add view-dialog (which I love by the way) of the ASP.NET MVC closes with OK – this dialog appears.

I think that it’s a bug in the RC-release but I am not sure. I’ll send this to the ASP.NET MVC team and see what they have to say.

I am not sure that I will have the...

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Sprint Planner Helper – Session 15

I don’t think I ever been doing system development in a nicer place – I am right now in Hyppeln in the Gothenburg archipelago. The weather is most wonderful and we have actually been sitting out for coffee and even managed to do some barbecue…

OK – I am pressing on with the Edit controller action for the Product. Ran into a bug of the ASP.NET MVC framework I think. The first one I see – pretty good for a RC…

I think that I have missed some part of the TDD-ing with that I haven’t been good at “testing my boundaries” (a Code Smell from Clean Code by Robert C. Martin). When I read it I didn’t fully understand it but as I am beginning to understand the TDD-ways I realized that for most cases that is to write tests for...

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Sprint Planner Helper – Session 14

Ok – today I’ll start by making a factory for the product class. I have some issues with the factory patterns and here is my reasoning; another class is the creator and must hence have access to the NEW-method of the class to create. Since that forces at least protected-level on the constructor it means that I cannot be sure that the clients uses the factory and not the constructor.

If I however place the factory method on the class I am creating – I can. But then I am violating the Single Responsibility Principle.  What to do, what to do…

For now – in TDD/XP-fashion – I’ll do the simplest. A static Create-method on the class I am creating. I don’t have several different Products so it’s the same factory for all products, possible with overloads.

Flame away – ye flamers… and give me some insight in...

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Sync Issues – my contact are back

With a little help from Windows Sync Center and my own stupidity all my contacts (200+) disappeared without any possibility to undo. I actually answered Yes to the question “Are you sure” but I didn’t get the concept partnership…

But what are friends for… My good friend Christer did some forensic work at my customer computer and managed to bring all the contacts back to life…

Thank you Christer! I was at a loss without my contacts. Everyone was a new acquaintance.

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Avega – top of the game!

Avega has the best consultants in Sweden! We of course knew that already but now its proved since the Avega team won the Swedish Championships in Business Value. More here. And here.

The Avega team shattered the competition with 1365 points (about 1200 points ahead of the second place!!!).

Great work guys! We are very proud of you. And I am humbled to be a part of the Avega-team. We rock!

So – if you want to work with the best… You’ll know where to find us!

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Sprint Planner Helper – Session 13

After some consideration I have decided to follow the ASP.NET MVC best practices quite closely – and do the listing of the products as a separate page, the Index-method on the Product Controller.

I’ll focus on this before the actual adding is fleshed out. This is because the Create-method of the ProductController do a redirect to the Index-action.

Also I will keep the GUI very simple. If I do the MVC-ing right it will be easy for anyone who knows this.

[Wait one hour – Marcus is coding :)]

I actually got a product added today! And the more I work with TDD, DDD and ASP.NET MVC the more right it feels. Read this and you’ll see what I mean.

I will have to create a factory for products… but my hour is up.

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Why DDD rocks – the version

Today I had very interesting conversation with a colleague and friend. He is very accomplished in matters concerning Application Lifecycle Management (ALM). And the more we talked about that and the things I am learning with the Sprint Planner Helper (TDD, DDD and ASP.NET MVC) I got sure of that I am on the right track. It’s the way to go – especially if you want to be agile.

Just take my experience with this project. I have now coded for some time (ca 15 hours) without having to lock down to a database-design and data access strategy. Not even near – I am working out the model. I am even planning to do the database-stuff at the very end.

You could choose to view the data access strategy and database as a “necessary evil”. I know I will need one to persist my data –...

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Abbe in the pulka-slopes

Winter has “struck” Stockholm and we have lots of snow. And knowing the Stockholm weather we expect most of it to be gone in a few days.

So we hurried out and bought Abbe his first pulka (kind of small sledge) and went to the slopes of Kronobergsparken.

We thought that it was loads of fun. Elin and Abbe swished down the slopes. I got a few runs myself (for my self also ;) and the memories all came back. Running up the slope with the pulka in a string behind you. Getting cold after the first run… Ahhh the memories.


Apparently Abbe was not as amused as we were.


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