ASP.NET MVC "The parameters dictionary contains a null entry for parameter”

This (The parameters dictionary contains a null entry for parameter) exception was thrown at me and confused me for a while.

If you ever encounter it I can almost guarantee that you have a Routing-issue. That is the way the ASP.NET MVC framework is figuring out which controller and which method to invoke.

In my case I had a controller action method that required two parameters but my routing table only allowed for one.

Here is a description on how to add your own, custom route rules.

And also here is a great tool to understand and debug your routing-table entries.

Finally – this webcast contains a discussion about how to change routes.

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Sprint Planner Helper – Session 19

After my refactoring yesterday the function that re-prioritize product backlog items was reduced to swapping priority points on two items.

So that’s what I’ll do today. TDD through a function that swap priority points for an product backlog item and the item before (prioritize up) of after (prioritize down) it.

[Coding in progress]

That really was an old-time programming problem. Fun! But now I have TDD’ed a priority swap algorithm. That was all I managed to get through today. Some progress I think.

Now all that is left is to reach this functionality from the GUI and reload the list after it’s done

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My light and song

In a few weeks the Vasa Band will do a music festival at the corps. I will play an euphonium solo and was looking for something that isn’t played were often.

For a long time, several years actually, I have had the solo part for My Light and Song (FS 228) in my “collection”, but never dared try to it.

I have actually never heard it played (actually Patrik Randefalk did play it with the Vasa Band in the 90th-ies) or recorded.

I’ll try to post a recording here… after 25 march.


This is so sick! This book contains all music (kinda) that is available for euphonium. And who has recorded it! Including a reference to recordings by my father.

And My Light and Song is recorded. By a mr John Butler.

The internet is...

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Sprint Planner Helper – Session 18

I haven’t done to much on the Sprint Planner Helper project during this week. A lot of Salvation Army activities has taken up my time.

But I have read the blog post (in form of a PDF-book) from DDD Step By Step. I have read much of it before but sometimes other word clear things up for you. This book did it for me.

OK – what to do tonight (Abbe is sound asleep and Elin has gone to work). I have most of the stuff from my first two user stories in place. But I need a way to easy move product backlog item up and down in the list. This will come in handy when the product backlog items are estimated.

So I’ll introduce some methods to move the in the product backlog list. And some arrows in the GUI for the list.


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Sprint Planner Helper – Session 17

When you learning something new you’ll expect some progress and the occasional setback. If you are on your own, as I am in this project, that is even more likely to be the other way around.

My approach to learning this is very much like the way we played with the chemistry box when we were small – try something you believe will work and expect the whole thing to blow up, possibly with a stinging sensation to your eye…

So… I guess that you see where this is going. I have to redo something. Actually it’s two. And actually I am not that worried; the whole idea of agile TDD, DDD and all this is that it should be easy to change.

The first thing is not biggie; my Entities has a Guid as ID right now. It’s mega-ugly when I am passing...

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Sprint Planner Helper – Session 16

I am now almost ready with the first user story of my own backlog.

1. As user I can create a product that describes the product and the product owner so that the purpose of the product is known.

Each product has a product backlog that describes what is left to do.

Each product backlog item requires at least an Number(1.2.1), description, initial priority.

Other properties are story points (how big is this compared to other) and a document with additional business rules.

The one thing that is left is to be able to create new backlog items.

My GUI for editing a product right now looks like this:

edit a product

and as I said before I will not put to much effort into the design of...

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