Today is the first Sprint Demo for our project… We have cover quite a distance during the project so far so i am very proud to show this to the customer and to lift up the achievements of the project members.

Still there is always the risk of the dreaded demo-ghost - but i pray for it to keep away today. I also have a brand new shirt on… that have to count for something.

After just one sprint i can warmly recommend SCRUM to anyone who hasn’t tried it. It WILL get you so much more productive, with greater focus and the ability to react to changes. All these three has been major factors for our success so far.

So, i humbly list myself after those who witness of the greatness of SCRUM. As a colleague of mine said “If you want quality - it’s the only...

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Moving in!

Yesterday we moved! From our 30 square meters to 63 feels like a move from a closet to a hangar…

It was very, very nice to be able to take a shower without having to stand above the toilet (called Stockholm-shower) and to walk from a room to another.

When you move from a small apartment, like ours, it doesn’t take that long time either. Also we move one floor down - which helped the tempo a great

I’ll include some pictures from the apparent.

A special thank you to the nice folks at Indiska Odenplan, who stored our bench for 1...

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European sounds

My favorite radio show - the Listen to the Band - show from the BBC Radio 2 has done a retrospective show of the European.

A great part of the show is spent with focus on the Goteborg Brass Band. Some great playing and a very nice (and clarifying interview with Clare Farr). Thank you!

I am so proud to have been a part of that band and that great history that now is finished.

And finally; again thank you Bengt!

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Melbourne Staff Band

Got a tip from a friend about this marvelous appearance from the Melbourne Staff Band of the Salvation Army. I really the idea of using the band as more than just a concert outfit… Just think what could be done surrounding a story or a sketch. I’ll have to do something about that i think…

Well here you go in the right order:

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Load-event of UserControls in design mode

Ran into another problem just now…

If you have code in the Load-event of a Windows usercontrol, it will fire when the usercontrol is shown in Visual Studio at design-time. This can be troublesome if the code doesn’t compile or needs some runtime-only variables.

However all Windows forms controls (forms, usercontrols etc.) inherits from ComponentModel which in turn has a property that’s called DesignMode. This property is true when the Component (control in our case) is shown in designmode in Visual Studio.

Beware for this special case though

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Long running debug-sessions in Visual Studio 2005

I think i finally found a solution to a very annoying problem. As always the solution (once found) was almost trivial…

Here’s the problem; in many modern system architectures there are at least one webservice involved, sometimes more than one that call each other in sequence. When such a system is debugged in Visual Studio it now-a-days works very fine.

But… if you have a long running debugging session (like, for example, yesterday when i demonstrated some features for my team) the debugging fails all of a sudden with a time-problem. The error description doesn’t point you to anything good either.

However - some colleagues of mine showed me the possiblity to start several projects at once when debugging. Right-click the solution in Visual Studio 2005 and choose properties. Then go Common Properties -> Start up projects. Here you can choose which projects to start when you debug...

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End of an era

The Göteborg Brass band is no more… This is not news for the band and many of the fans, including me, but it feels weird and very sad.

I must say that I fully understand the reasoning behind the decision and that it’s probably the right thing to do - but still it so sad…

For me personally the band has been something of my idols (and almost legends) for a long, long time. Then, in 2005, i got to play with the band myself. I still remember the day in the office - doing cartwheels and scream (like many other days, i hear some people say :)). That also was the start of 2 fantastic years with the band. Very very hectic with many travel hours to rehearsals and lots of time away on tours.

I wouldn’t change a thing! It was so great, so many memories surface;...

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VSTS bug... or is it?

In my current project we are using Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) which i mostly like. But there have been some confusion and frustration concerning the Source Control part of it.

Let me already here say that this might (indications of this exists) be a misunderstanding of the concepts from my part. But i was very confused to find that when a file is checked out it doesn’t automatically get the latest version of the file down to my disc. In my book this is the essence of how Source Control systems works.

More confusion arose when i found out that this is by design… and that you can’t turn it off. I think this is very strange. When a do a Check Out i of course want the latest version of the file.

However it turns out that this confuses my team at lot and we have...

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Oooh - thoose sweet zomibes (?)

Found this great video on UTube…

Again, it amazes me how much time people have on their hands. I mean this is fun and all that but just think if this time was put into something useful... Worlds could change.
For example - just think if they all played euphonium... changing of worlds, my friends... changing of worlds
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