End of an era

The Göteborg Brass band is no more… This is not news for the band and many of the fans, including me, but it feels weird and very sad.

I must say that I fully understand the reasoning behind the decision and that it’s probably the right thing to do - but still it so sad…

For me personally the band has been something of my idols (and almost legends) for a long, long time. Then, in 2005, I got to play with the band myself. I still remember the day in the office - doing cartwheels and scream (like many other days, I hear some people say :)). That also was the start of 2 fantastic years with the band. Very very hectic with many travel hours to rehearsals and lots of time away on tours.

I wouldn’t change a thing! It was so great, so many memories surface;...

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VSTS bug... or is it?

In my current project we are using Visual Studio Team System (VSTS) which i mostly like. But there have been some confusion and frustration concerning the Source Control part of it.

Let me already here say that this might (indications of this exists) be a misunderstanding of the concepts from my part. But I was very confused to find that when a file is checked out it doesn’t automatically get the latest version of the file down to my disc. In my book this is the essence of how Source Control systems works.

More confusion arose when I found out that this is by design… and that you can’t turn it off. I think this is very strange. When a do a Check Out I of course want the latest version of the file.

However it turns out that this confuses my team at lot and we have...

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Oooh - thoose sweet zomibes (?)

Found this great video on UTube…

Again, it amazes me how much time people have on their hands. I mean this is fun and all that but just think if this time was put into something useful… Worlds could change.

For example - just think if they all played euphonium… changing of worlds, my friends… changing of worlds

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European - in retrospect

So my tip failed miserably but I was tipping with my heart. From this link you can find the full result and see the Willebroek won. Again - the second year running.

From the live result service of 4BarsRest I understood that the playing from all the bands was exceptional. I’ve also spoken to some bandsmen in the Gothenburg band and know that they was very pleased with their playing. How the judges missed that I don’t know - but you never do.

I still think GBB made and excellent job and really went out with a bang. This is the last we will ever hear from GBB. What a way to end an era of high level brass band playing - a tour (playing with Black Dyke) a CD recording (I’m looking forward to it) and then the Europeans.

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I’ve just ended a long period with lots of stuff on the agenda. Since April 10th i’ve had at least on “extra” thing to think about each day. It’s been some presentations, funerals, talks at work or just practices with band.

But yesterday I did the last of this long row of items. Feels really good and tonight will be laid back to say the least… Some practice and then a movie I think

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Brass band European Championships 2007

Soo - today the Europeans will start. My thoughts and hopes are of course with the Gothenburg Brass Band. I had the opportunity to hear the band a few weeks back I can say that they are in very good shape indeed.

But - I don’t think it will take them all the way. There are some insanely good bands competing this year.

Here is my very “from-the-hip” prediction of how the Europeans will end:

  1. Cory
  2. Stavanger
  3. Gothenburg

It of course will have to do with how and what the judes think about the different styles of playing.

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When I was on Sardine we went to a nice (and expensive) jet set place at the top of the island, called Porto Cervos. And there outside the Hotel Cervo, that looked like one from a James Bond-movie, we found the car on the picture above.

When looking closer we found that it had Swedish plates. So we checked with Bilregistret and checked who owned it. It was mr Behernad von der Osten-Sacken!

After we had laughed for about 1o minutes to that name we found out that not only was the name real, he is an economical doubtful person in the news in Sweden right now.

So he’s probably hiding away in Sardine, at Hotel Cervo. Did I mention that the car wasn’t paid in cash? Very nice car though…

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Home again - now with pictures

Just started the first day after a trip to Sardine (?) in Italy, with Avega.

What a great bunch of people! I really enjoyed myself during this trip. On the way home I had a feeling that often have come over me when I been on tours or camps… you know: “so - now it’s over I we will never have this much fun again. Just think if it would last forever”. Only difference this time is that it will last.

So a big thank you to all the organizers for the trip and to all the Avega People that made this trip into what it was - great fun and a great feeling of “we can do anything”.

I’ll upload some pictures to this post - some that not is to … exposing

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System.Transaction and maxTimeout

I love the new System.Transaction found in .NET 2.0. I have been and will continue to use it in my applications.

When you compare it with for example the Enterprise Service management it’s so slim and lightweight. And the scaling up to SQL 2005 Transactions when need is a feature that will be nice when that kick in.

My favorite among them all, though, is the TransactionScope, which makes a nice and easy visual way of showing what is part of the transaction and not.

However, I found out a small glitch yesterday. Appearently there is a configuration value (maxTimeout) hidden away in the machine.config-file on each computer. This value defaults to ten minutes and that value overrides any values found in other configs (web.config or app.config).

So - if you need long running transaction you will have to tweak that value. See this articles for more information.