Abbe - a December update

I know that a lot of people has been wondering why no new pictures of Abbe has been on display here for a while. Well - a too busy autumn may be one reason. Anywho - here you go…

Almost forgot - he said a very loud and clear “PAPPA” last week!

This was the last time Elins cellphone worked ;) It's true!

He is not great but taking lessons as you can see

Apples are his favorite fruit

He stands!

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Christmas times - hectic times

A very hectic time is closing into an end… the day after tomorrow will be the first day in ten days that I’ve been free after work. Phew! To much!

But fun stuff too:

  • We did two concerts with my Salvation Army Corps and they were both great. The Vasa Band and Vasa Gospel holds these concerts each year. This year at our newly renovated corps. I was in the planning group as well as doing the presentations during the concert. Very fun!
  • This weekend was another highlight since I (once again) was presenter for the Lucia-concerts of the Windcorp Brass Band. This year I even got the opportunity to play with them due to a late change in the parts. Also the guest soloist was Richard Marshall of the Black Dyke Band, which is a bit like a football player that get...
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Working directory for Build Agents and building different branches

We have been chasing a strange problem for a few days now. The scenario is as follows;

We created a new TFS build server, that is - we set up the build service on a new server. In our TFS Source control we had two branches with a build definition for each. Finally we set up a Build Agent for the new server via Visual Studio Team System.

But the builds failed! With error message “The path [path] is already mapped in workspace [workspace]”

We didn’t get why until we checked a property on the build agent; Working Directory. This can be set by right-clicking on the Builds-folder in Team Explorer, choosing the agent and the Edit.

On the Build Agent Properties page there is a WorkingDirectory-textbox. This dictates where the agent should build. However - what not is shown is that you can use a variable in the path:...

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What is a workspace in TFS?

This question has puzzled me for quite some time. It’s so vague and fluffy in the edges. However here is a great article that describes what it is - and I am so relieved that I wasn’t completely stupid.

The term is quite fluffy and can be described as “the things a user work with on a local computer”. Or to put it more elegantly, as Martin Woodward does, “a container that bridges the gap between your local computer (acting as a TFS client) and the server”

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AddressFilter mismatch at the EndpointDispatcher

The complete error message was: “The message with To ‘[my service address]’ cannot be processed at the receiver, due to an AddressFilter mismatch at the EndpointDispatcher.”

We got this message when we deployed our services to the production environment. In this environment we first encounter BIG-IP and clustering. And that’s when we hit this brick wall.

The scenario was that BIG-IP had one DNS-name/Ip-address that “forwarded” request to two different servers. However when we accessed the servers with wsHttpBinding we ran into trouble and the above mentioned error message.

The strange thing was that it worked fine with basicHttpBinding, which puzzled us for a while.

Well, thanks to the excellent knowledge in the Avega Microsoft community, we got an answerer in matter of minutes.

As this post points out you can handle the problem by setting the AddressFilterMode to Any, which basic means...

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MSTest and secondary references

We’ve just solved a tricky thing in our project. We still don’t get what is happening under the covers but now we’ve got it to work.

When we ran our unit tests (99% code coverage have I mentioned that :)) in the Visual Studio IDE everything was green and nice. However when the tests were run in our build script they failed with some strange reference problem. The same thing happened if we ran the test local via MSTest.exe.

OK - we then found the following post that showed us the same behavior. The solution is to in the .testrunconfig-file for the test configure DeploymentItems that points to any additional reference you need for your test to run.

Via the Test->Edit Test Run Configuration-menu item you can easily add files and folders.

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Leave my WiFi-card alone! Please!

I have a Dell Precision M70 (yes - its old now but it was great when I got it, alright). Since I reinstalled the operating system I have experienced that the operating system is shutting down my wireless network card.

I knew that there were a setting for it somewhere - but I just couldn’t find it… Very frustrating. But here is how to do it in Vista:

Go Start->Computer and right-click and go Manage. This will open Computer Management. Select Devices and then Network Adapters and choose your network card, right-click and choose properties.

Now the following dialog appears and you can un-check the box that allows your operating system to shut-down the network-card.


Easy, wasn’t it  ;)

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The blog in stereo

As I told you a while ago I am since a while back blogging for Avega Group as well as here at I feel really honored that Avega wanted to have my random ramblings at their site.

The new site for Avega is now live and you can find the blog here. My own personal Avega blog can be found at

There are some really cool photos also. Avega uses a great photographer that always delivers such great things.

Alright - the will of course mostly contain technical stuff. But I’ll post everything here first…

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