Stockholm Brass Band

I got the opportunity to play with Stockholms Brass Band this weekend. First baritone this time.

What a great bunch of guys! Really nice people and the playing was at a very high level. If they met a little more often they could kick some serious … in any competition.

Yesterday Håkan Björkman, solo trombonist of the Royal Swedish Opera, blew the audience away with a unbelievable performance of a crazy hard piece called Doolalynastics. What a player! I am truly amazed of his skills.

Here is a video from the concert when we are playing the marsch Celebrate Rotary.

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Marcus - published!

Today was a proud day for me as I for the first time ever was published. I have written the commentaries for Gothenburg Brass Bands last CD, In Perfect Peace. And now it has been released.

I feel so proud to be associated with that great band and such great musicians. It sound terrific and I shed a tear or two on certain places, when I thought about what Bengt would have said.

Thank you

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Creating a dynamical AutoComplete textbox

In my recent project we have had to implement a own textbox to be able to set a few properties that force the user to follow certain formats etc. A few days ago I saw this as an oppurtunity to do something cool as an additional feature.

I wanted to implement a AutoComplete feature but with the values that the user has typed in this field before. It turns out that this is fairly easy to do, since AutoComplete is a property on the TextBox control in the .NET Framework. Here is a nice video that introduce the concepts surrounding AutoCompletion

So how did I do it then? First I added a handling of the Resize-event that sets the autoComplete-properties.

Me.AutoCompleteMode = Windows.Forms.AutoCompleteMode.Suggest Me.AutoCompleteSource = Windows.Forms.AutoCompleteSource.CustomSource Me.AutoCompleteCustomSource = State.HamtaAutoCompleteLista(Me.Name)

State.HamtaAutoCompleteLista is a function that returns the AutoCompleteStringCollection that should be used for the control.

As you might notice...

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Swedish brass band championships 2007 - follow-up

As I predicted the Swedish Brass band championships this year was mostly a formal matter when it comes the first places.

Windcorp of course took the top honors. They weren’t treated really when Stockholms Brass band didn’t show up. That Solna was second was not too surprising either.

After that it was quite open and I congratulate Malmö Brass band with the third place. And that Torsby was fourth was a real feat - well done Torsby and Berit Palmquist!

BK was a bit of a disappointment since they usually play very well. I had them as third in my prediction.

So there you have it - lets hope that Stockholm Brass band hangs in there for another year so that the competition will get exciting again. Windcorp right now is miles ahead of the rest of the field and that cannot be good...

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VasaBand - my band!

I’ve just returned from a tour with my Salvation Army Band - the Vasa Band. What a great group of people.

We have had an amazing weekend with lots of fun, great fellowship and some really nice music making. The band makes me so proud - there are only we, we’re nothing special but together we make it special.

To see two twelve year olds playing their hearts out on the last bar of a big piece, or to hear great and insightful presentations from a lot of members, ranging from 16 to sixty years, or to take part in the prayers before and after the festivals - that makes me so proud!

What a band - thank you guys for a great weekend - lets make many more…

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How do I - great instruction resource

During the last days I have run into more and more of the “How-do-I”-videos from Microsoft. They are really a great resource for getting fast introduction on a subject from everything to Silverlight to LINQ.

Here is the overview link:

Below it you’ll find several different areas of interest. Here are my highlights:

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For the first time in my life I am driving a new car. The picture below shows the trip-meter when I got the car…

It still feel like I have a rental but I think i’ll get used to the thought. Other than that this week will contain some (a lot) of preparations for the tour with the band starting Thursday. That will be great!

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