ca 15 minutes on Kanban

· June 19, 2015

In this presentation I break it down to the day-to-day management of a project or team. How can we keep our focus? How can we improve? How do we even know what we are doing right now?

As no surprise to to readers of this blog this will be accomplished with kanban.

Here’s all the post in the series (the links will work as I post them):

Please read the reason and ideas behind the entire series in the first post.

It was quite a challenge and very interesting to not only boil this topic down to a digestible format (ca 15 minutes), but also steer away from IT-terms and examples, since this presentation is geared towards hospital managers.

In the presentation I stay very practical and just start off by creating a board for the an example management team of a hospital. I wanted this to hook and connect to the earlier presentations, creating a transition from planning into executing.

The first part of the presentation is about visualizing and mapping the process, or work flow, of a team to a visualized board.

Secondly I simulate the game Numbers simulation to introduce the principle of “Limit work in process”.

When that is done we talk about how to use work in process limits which brings us the the third of kanbans principles “Manage flow”, or helping work to flow through our process smooth and fast.

Just as I finished the presentation I realized that I wanted a little something about daily standups in there. I probably will do a small addition.

You can see the presentation here:

And find my slides here:

I hope you like it - love your feedback!

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