ca 10 minutes on effective meetings

· August 10, 2015

I don’t like meetings. Because most meetings I’ve attended has not been great. And I’m guilty of organizing some of those meetings too.

In this presentation I talk about how to make effective meetings. There will be a lot of small advices that I’ve found useful during my consultancy. I will also briefly describe the Lean Coffee meeting format.

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Please read the reason and ideas behind the entire series in the first post.

I’ve built the presentation around the PDCA-cycle; Plan meetings, Do meetings, Check the outcomes of the meeting and Act to improve the next meeting.

In PLANing Meetings I find that a missing Goal, or a Why is the most common and disruptive for any meeting. After that comes that people don’t know why they are in the meeting. The final thing that often happens are meetings no or badly followed time boxes.

In the DO-ing of a meeting the Goal of the meetings comes back as one of the big issues that we need to make sure that everyone knows, in order to be effective.

Following time box and take short breaks are things that I’ve found vital to make your meeting focused and productive.

All of this is summed up in the Lean Coffee meeting format

The final two parts of the PDCA-cycle; Check and Act are the most important to make sure that you are in fact improving.

I CHECK my work with a simple Return On Time Invested (ROTI) voting.

The ACTing is a bit more complex, but I’ve seen just posting meeting guidelines in each conference room work really well. Or in other cases even having a Meeting Coach that gathers and distributes the good habits and ideas.

You can see the presentation here:

And find my slides here:

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