ca 10 minutes on Mission statements

· June 18, 2015

My main task here in Indonesia is to help our hospital to work out good strategic plans. It’s a very interesting task since long-term strategies seems to not be very prominent in the Indonesia culture.

There’s also a translation issue about the word itself, Misi (mission), apparently have a different meaning for Indonesians that I use it. In this presentation I clarify how I use the word: as the reason for an organization to exists - our purpose.

Here’s all the post in the series (the links will work as I post them):

Please read the reason and ideas behind the entire series in the first post.

In the presentation I go through a couple of examples and take a look at the good and bad parts of them.

There’s also a short segment about values, which I have blogged about before.

You can see the presentation here, with EXCELLENT subtitles :):

And find my slides here:

I hope you like it - love your feedback!

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