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· June 18, 2015

This is the second post about my presentation series on Mission, Vision and Strategy and some other things.

In this post I will hook you up with my presentation on Vision statements.

Here’s all the post in the series (the links will work as I post them):

Please read the reason and ideas behind the entire series in the first post.

Vision statements paint a picture of a future where we are executing the Mission perfectly. This is why it’s important to understand and have a great mission statement - that makes creating the vision statement more concrete and a bit easier.

With a great vision statement we get like a compass for our entire organization to help us in our day-to-day decisions and choices.

During the presentation i talk, again, about effective vs efficient and that without an Vision we cannot really be effective. At least not on purpose.

There’s a short part on measurements as well.

I go through a couple of Vision statements for inspiration and to learn a little from others.

Teal organizations - a parenthesis

Interesting enough, as a parenthesis - I don’t mention this in the presentation, teal organizations don’t use vision statements. For them the Mission statement is the most important thing. The vision is up to each group or individual to come up with. As long as everyone knows WHY the organization exists we will reach our goals, is their reasoning.

More traditional organizations, follow the same reasoning but on the strategic plan level. Meaning that the Mission and Vision are decided and considered very

The presentations

The presentation is recorded here:

And you can get the slides here:

I hope you like it - love your feedback!

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