Marcus Node Bits - Package.json is a mighty tool

I’m writing down some of the things I’ve picked up when I started to learn about NodeExpress and Mongo. Here are all the post in the series:

This post is about the package.json file...

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Marcus Node Bits - npm is not only for getting packages

I’m writing down some of the things I’ve picked up when I started to learn about NodeExpress and Mongo. Here are all the post in the series:

This post is about the Node Package...

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Marcus Node Bits - Doing stuff in the terminal is not scary at all

I’m writing down some of the things I’ve picked up when I started to learn about NodeExpress and Mongo. Here are all the post in the series:

This post is about the terminal and...

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Marcus Node Bits - Writing stuff down is great to remember it

I have been playing with NodeJs during the evenings. Really late onto that train, by here we are. In fact, this is just by coincident; I happened to bring “JavaScript - the good parts” to Indonesia and it was the only book I had. Once I had read that awesome book, I got invited to write a review for the NancyFx book by Christian Horsdal and got a free book for my effort. I just picked one and it happened to be Mastering Node.js.

After that book and my head had stop spinning, we still had to wait for our belongings to arrive to Indonesia. I had nothing to read or code. So I thought I would put my Node-knowledge into action. And started to check out Express.

Here we are. I haven’t really coded anything...

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Repost - Do we dare to be data-driven


I noticed that CodeBetter is slowing down. Maybe dying. I’m preserving my original post from there, here on my own site.

Original post

We had set the system up for a test of how this A/B testing stuff could work for us. Would it be useful? Could we communicate it clearly to the others around us? Would the data be easy to understand and make something out of?

Impossible CAPTCHA)


In order to know what we where doing we picked a no-brainer feature to test it on: registration with or without CAPTCHA. You know, like the one to the left.

Since all of us (and probably you too) hate to type those strange, unreadable letters we were confident that we knew which one would win. Hence we had some really good test data for how...

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On lead time and important projects

I've started work in a very different organization, in a very different culture and see the same problems. For those that don't know yet, I have moved to Indonesia and works for the Bala Keselamatan, better known internationally as the Salvation Army. My tasks here is around helping the organization that organizes the Salvation Army hospitals (yes, 6 of them) and clinics (17 I think), to become more effective and get more done with less. "Doing the most good" in other words When I went here I was hoping (or betting maybe is a better word ^^) that my interests and knowledge in Lean and Agile would be helpful to them. And I've at least seen similar problems here as I did with clients at...
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Share your internet connection via WiFi on Windows 8.1

For the first time in years, I’m using a Windows PC as my main computer. It’s Windows 8.1 and thanks to a great introduction video the transition was quite nice. Of course there are things that I miss and keep doing wrong (right-click… had forgot all about that one), but overall I’m happy.

The first main thing that I ran into was when I was planning on sharing my internet connection so that my phone could use it. Nothing strange really. I do that several times a day on my MacBook Pro. And it’s dead-simple too. Click the Network-symbol and go “Create network…”, give it a name (and optional password) and you’re done. So you can imagine that I was surprised when I started to search for this in Windows 8.1. It was guides on how to use DOS-commands and other configuration. Or stuff that I...

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Nancy Fx - now you can read her too! '

I fell in love with Nancy at first sight; so slick, minimalistic, testable and understandable, powerful and extendable when I need it. I later learned those features had a name; the SuperDuperHappyPath and I’ve been on it ever sense I first laid eyes on Nancy.

Christian Horsdal (one of the people that first showed me Nancy) had written a book on Nancy in the style of Nancy. This is a great companion to every Nancy-developer. I love the bundling in  recipes and how they are “graded” in from Simple through Intermediate to Advanced. Another thing that I really appreciate is that Christian has adopted the Nancy-style of writing tests first. It’s more code to read, but I would suggest that you don’t read it. Instead, type along as you read the book and you will get a overview and understanding of all the features...

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What do you want to give customers; bad or good news?

We’ve just got our visas for entering Indonesia! Lovely!

But the process has been very long, trying and almost took the best out of us. It got me thinking about a big, and characterising difference between the agile and the non-agile approach (let’s call i waterfall for now, shall we?).

The process we went through for our visa application resembles the way many companies deliver software, sadly. Could there be another way?

When we applied for the Visas we were told that it should take about 2 months to get them. We acted accordingly and started to quit jobs, take kids out of school, end the lease for our apartment and a lot of other things - just to match that prediction.

But we got a couple of;

  • “it will probably take 2 weeks more”
  • “no news - probably a week or two more”
  • “well… haven’t heard anything yet...
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I am telling you for the last time - Marcus style

As most of you probably know I’m on my way to leave the country and do other type of work for a while. It’s been a bumpy ride and we’re actually still waiting for the work permits before we can leave. Any day now…

The last couple of weeks I’ve ended most of my commitments and different consultant contracts with my customers, but I don’t have anything else to do… so I thought I’ll make something up. Two things popped into my head:

  • last year when I did some free presentations during a period between employments
  • and the fact that I don’t want to come back in 3 years and just continue with the same material

| | |:———————————————————————————————————————-:| | | | From IMDB |

People who read this...

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